Basic Whole Wheat Sponge Cake Recipe. A Simple Recipe To Book!

If you want to prepare something simple and delicious, I bring you as a proposal this basic whole wheat sponge cake. A simple recipe, with few ingredients, totally exquisite! An ideal sponge cake to fill, bathe or simply eat as it is!

When we talk about basic sponge cake recipes, this is one of them. But modified in its whole wheat version, with all its typical characteristic sponginess. Its preparation with whole wheat flour does not have to be intimidating, its result is equally tasty and worth preparing.

This is a recipe that can be used as a base for any filled cake. In addition, it is ideal to consume without filling and accompany with some mate or coffee. This sponge cake recipe does not fail and can be flavored with different ingredients according to the personal taste of each one.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This whole wheat sponge cake like any other, is based on egg, sugar, flour and does not contain baking powder or any leavening agent. Therefore, the fluffiness and volume are the result of the beating of the eggs together with the sugar. A mixture that is beaten until the ribbon stage is obtained.

Ribbon stage is achieved by constant beating and at high speed, it is a stage that is not achieved instantly and so you must have a little patience. For this reason, having a hand mixer, stand mixer or mixer machine would b

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Asha Dayanidhi -

Tried this cake but the center has gone Ina little. Don’t look like your pic where it Has risen. Do let me know why?

Integralisimo -

Hi Asha! Too bad this recipe did not come out! Let me tell you that when a cake sinks in the center it is because you open the oven before its time. Sudden changes in temperature can cause these results and the incorrect growth of the cake.
On the other hand, I would like to know if you heated the oven to the indicated temperature a few minutes before baking. It is always important to preheat the oven 10-15 minutes before doing so.
Another cause may be that your oven is not heating to the correct temperature. All the ovens are different and each one has its own skill. One thing that could help you if you have doubts about it, is to buy an internal oven thermometer. They are not expensive and are very useful when baking.
I hope I’ve helped! I love that you write to me! Do it again as many times as you need!


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