Broccoli-Ricotta Pizza With Whole Wheat Crust.

Do not always eat the same pizza, try this broccoli-ricotta pizza with whole wheat crust that you will love! Delicious and nutritious. A different idea but full of flavor. You can not miss this delicious recipe, encourage yourself and prepare this pizza that is very easy to make. It is also another great idea to camouflage one of the most fantastic, complete and nutritious vegetables that exist!

Also being made with an whole wheat dough, it will provide fibers to the body in addition to the nutrients provided by the broccoli And although your children look at you weird (like mine), they will end up loving this pizza … This broccoli-ricotta pizza with whole wheat crust, besides being healthy and abundant. A good option is to serve with a rich and fresh salad. A very good meal for hot summer days.

Let’s take advantage of seasonal vegetables, eat healthy, take care of our body and our pocket if we can (haha). I leave you the recipe …

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