Basic Whole Wheat Pasta Dough Recipe.

An ideal Sunday to make good this basic whole wheat pasta dough recipe with the family. We are still in quarantine and with ideas for your lunches or dinners. A basic dough that will serve you to make any type of fresh pasta that you like, both for noodles and stuffed pasta. Super easy to make and in a few steps you will be enjoying a meal rich in protein, without preservatives or additives.

In addition, it is a recipe that yields a lot, is economical and leaves any diner satisfied. Also, you can make a good amount of noodles and dry them. Then you store it in a closed container, and you will have homemade pasta available at any time. And if you make stuffed pasta like sorrentinos or ravioli, you can freeze them.

Get the whole family to cook because even if it takes more work than going and buying them, you will never be able to compare a fresh homemade whole wheat pasta with a store bought one.

To make the dough for this recipe I used my food processor. In a few minutes, I get a good result and without effort. To stretch it I use a pasta machine. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s quite a hard dough to handle by hand, but if you have the strength, go ahead!

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