Homemade Whole Wheat Swiss Roll

To Prepare Sweet and Savory Rolls

Homemade Whole Wheat Swiss Roll

Today I propose you to make this homemade whole wheat swiss roll to make sweet or savory rolls. A whole grain recipe for filling using your favorite ingredients. Ideal for breakfasts, night tea and desserts. Also, for parties and birthdays. Enjoy this simple and delicious whole grain recipe!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This homemade whole wheat swiss roll recipe is so simple to make, the ingredients are simple and readily available at any store. Although it is a recipe that does not have a great complication, there are some recommendations to consider in its preparation. One of them is to have a mixer, either hand or stand. Because it is necessary to beat for a while.

Once the preparation is ready, it is very important to integrate the flour with enveloping movements. It is done in this way to prevent the consistency of the beat from falling. So remember not to mix roughly, make enveloping movements delicately and gently until all the whole wheat flour is integrated into the mixture.

This time I used a 40×30 cm baking sheet with parchment paper spread with butter. Generally, a common problem is that the swiss roll sticks during cooking and cannot be unstuck. It is a preparation prone to sticking easily, so the use of buttered parchment paper is more than necessary.

Homemade Whole Wheat Swiss Roll

The consistency of this preparation is not liquid, and it will not mold itself to the chosen cooking medium. Then with a spatula, for example, it will be leveled, leaving the preparation as even as possible. For the mixture to settle, you can make small and gentle taps of the baking sheet against the kitchen table (optional, that’s h

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