How to Make Whole Wheat Baked Onion Rings

How to Make Baked Onion Rings

For those looking to make an abundant, delicious, economical and also healthy snack, I leave you this recipe of how to make whole wheat baked onion rings! With no doubt, a spectacular idea to include in the appetizer with different dips or sauces. A versatile recipe that you can adjust according to preference and need!

Onion rings are a type of battered and fried snack. And that, optionally, they are an excellent alternative to replace the classic fries in hamburgers, hot dogs, and other fast foods. It is also usual that they are served as snacks in bars and breweries to accompany drinks.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Although there are several ways to make onion rings, today I propose this one. It is a simple recipe and not require difficulty. In addition, the ingredients are few and easily accessible in any market. What’s more, you can change or replace any of them, whether for pleasure or need, without inconvenience. And best of all, they are baked!

About the ingredients:

The onions to choose have to be of a considerable size. Since when cutting to obtain the onion rings, they must have a good size. Una vez que se cortan las cebollas de manera transversal se procede a separar con cuidado los aros, así no se rompen.

The hearts or centers of the onions are discarded because they are too small and are generally not used. But they are saved and used in any other recipe that requires this ingredient. Next, they are passed through flour, then the excess is removed and from there they are pass

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