Whole Wheat Chicken Tart Recipe In Just A Few Steps

Whole Wheat Chicken Tart Recipe

Integralisimo proposes you to prepare this wonderful whole wheat chicken tart, and you can continue cooking healthy and tasty. Dedicated to tart lovers in general who wish to expand their recipe book with this exquisite whole wheat recipe. Accompany by garnishes of fresh salads or vegetables for much more complete menus. Go ahead and prepare it!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Although there are many ways to prepare tarts, today I bring you this new one. A tart made with whole wheat flour dough, seeds, sunflower oil and no eggs. A simple recipe, which does not require great difficulty and also has few ingredients that are easily available in any market. What’s more, you can change or replace any of them, either by liking or necessity.

About the ingredients:

As the main ingredient, chicken. Which you can buy a particular piece or if you had left over from a previous preparation you can reuse it too. The breast is generally used because it is lean and has a beneficial amount of meat compared to the rest of the chicken.

On this occasion, the chicken meat was previously boiled to be able to shred it later. But it is not the only way in which it can be integrated into the preparation. Since another option would be to cut it into small parts and skip it along with the rest of the filling. It is worth mentioning that the final result will depend on how the ingredients are used in the recipe.

Regarding the rest of the ingredients and to a lesser extent, black olives and mushrooms were added. Resulting in a perfect combination of flavors and a touch of distinction as a whole. However, you can replace them. Although I encourage you to try because they make a big difference with jus

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