Whole Wheat Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

The weekend is coming, and what such a great idea it would be to prepare a delicious whole wheat pizza and enjoy with the family! Today, I present you this recipe for a basic whole wheat pizza dough, and you can choose what kind of pizza to make using your favorite ingredients ever!

Pizzas are infinite possible combinations and for all tastes, there are all kinds, sizes and thicknesses. That is why each person has a particular preference, and that is what makes it so versatile in its preparation. Therefore, at home, according to the taste of each one, it will be prepared in a particular way.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Making this whole wheat pizza dough recipe is quite practical and simple. The ingredients used are just a few and often used, easy to find in any market. As a result, you will get a smooth and soft whole wheat dough. Ideal for preparing all kinds of pizza with different combinations and all types of ingredients!

About the ingredients:

At Integralisimo, the whole wheat flour used is 100% whole grain, fine ground (I don’t use mixes unless I mention it). In general, depending on the brand, it can absorb more or less amount of liquid. So I recommend incorporating them gradually. Keep in mind that the lower the volume is, smaller final product you will get.

About cooking:

Its cooking requires little time because as it is called, pizza dough crust, this would only be a pre-cooking. Because then its cooking is completed together with all the ingredients that are added. Generally, is usually at a high temperature and can be in different ways depen

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