Whole Whole Spinach Potato Gnocchi Recipe. Light and Exquisite!

If you like gnocchi, you cannot miss this whole wheat spinach potato gnocchi recipe, delicious and super light! Without a doubt one more alternative for those 29 of each month. Add this recipe for that traditional gnocchi day!

The ñoqui or gnocchi, a food of Italian origin but so deeply rooted in many countries. The truth is that I do not know anyone who can resist a good plate of gnocchi! And if they are homemade less! So I hope you dare to prepare them, whatever the combination, because there is nothing likehomemade pasta!

Today I leave this new version of whole wheat potato spinach gnocchi, a combination without a doubt explosive! Together they make an exquisite result! Some super light and soft gnocchi, really delicious! In addition, in this recipe I have written several tips so that you can enjoy a good pasta, full of flavor and without any failure!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

These whole wheat gnocchi are very easy to make, this recipe does not involve many complications. But like any homemade pasta recipe, it takes a little time and dedication. When it comes to these types of recipes, it is always advisable to take one day, make a good amount and freeze for the next month or meal.

The way vegetables are cooked makes a big difference. Because if they absorb a lot of water, the gnocchi will need an additional amount of flour. Which will make the gnocchi heavy and that’s som

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