Whole Wheat Empanadas Dough Recipe

Today I leave you this whole wheat dough patties super easy recipe! In some minutes you make some delicious empanadas. This time I made some baskets and spinach as a filling, but you can choose what to put inside. My personal opinion I think that whole wheat dough combines more than perfect with any vegetable.

This whole wheat patties dYou choose the type of fat to use with this recipe. You choose the type of fat to use with this recipe. This time I used refined beef tallow and they came out spectacular. They did not dry in the oven at all. Although it is not necessary to brown much because that is also a factor that will give them a crispy touch (although if you like it no problem).

A nice idea is to prepare a good quantity and freeze by inserting the patties discs with plastic separators so they don’t stick together. And so when you want or need to make patties you always have them at hand.

The amount of ingredients given in this recipe was enough for making two dozen spinach baskets (this time I wanted to make open patties).

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