How to Make a Whole Wheat Panettone

This Christmas do you want to eat a healthier panettone? Then I leave you this exquisite recipe of how to make homemade whole wheat panettone. And you can make at home surprising your family this Christmas. And if you are tired of the traditional and want to vary a bit, it is also a good idea.

A good panettone, whatever the recipe you want to make, takes time. Because its leavening has to be slow, which is what will give it that fluffiness that characterizes it, in addition to the humidity and concentration of flavors. So I advise you not to expose the dough to high temperatures to speed up the process. If you are in cold climates, keep the dough in a warm but not hot environment.

Another thing that is good about making homemade whole wheat panettone is that you choose the quality of the ingredients to use. Also, the type of filling that you like, and the amount of them. So you can add as much as you want. It would support the same amount of filler as its dough weight. In particular, I like it with an intermediate quantity, because I like to appreciate the dough also, which is very delicious and worthy of distinction.

Homemade Whole Wheat Panettone Recipe

One more advantage, and for obvious reasons, is that in addition to choosing the ingredients to use, we do not add any type of preservatives or additives in the preparation. So it will be a healthier panettone for our body. In addition, it is made with whole grain ingredients that provide a large amount of fibers to our body.

Doughs made with whole wheat flour tend to grow slowlier than refined flours and also this time having fruit in its composition as a filling, its time to rise is prolonged even mo

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