Whole Wheat Bread Pudding Recipe. Delicious and Super Easy!

If you have bread at home that has become hard or rubbery, this recipe is great for preparing a delicious and nutritious dessert. In addition to having a consistency similar to flan, but nutritionally a little more beneficial, it makes it totally irresistible and impossible to forget. Dare to prepare this whole wheat bread pudding!

The best of all is that in this recipe we recycle that bread that will not be eaten anyway and we transform it into a dessert that, in addition to being economic, is rich in fibers that provide a lot of benefits to our body.

With simple and current ingredients, we can prepare this whole wheat bread pudding for family or friends. A dessert that more than one reminds of childhood or at least me. I always remember when I was a child that at home there was stale bread and they made this dessert that I loved.

Let’s talk a little about the recipe…

For this recipe you are going to need any type of whole wheat bread that you have made or have at home as long as they are not flavored cause this recipe is sweet and it will not be very good idea.

On this page you will find several recipes for whole wheat breads in case you are interested in making any of them. To make this wholemeal bread pudding I made the homemade mold bread recipe. Generally at home there is not much bread left so I made o

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