Quinoa Cannelloni With Whole Wheat Beet Crepes Recipe

I present to you these exquisite quinoa cannelloni with whole whole beet crepes recipe. Without a doubt, this is a proposal that differs from the rest. It turns out a very complete meal, because it is a recipe that brings together a lot of nutrients. Make lunches and dinners protruding from the classic. Encourage to new combinations!

From Italian origin, cannelloni are a rectangular sheet of pasta that is filled with different ingredients and then rolled. This is how it gets its famous name “cannelloni”, which means cylinder in Italian. Over time, they had modifications and the different countries put their own style to make them. In Argentina, for example, it is customary to prepare them with crepes and not with pasta dough.

Among the most common fillings that can be found are cannelloni with spinach, ricotta, chard, meat, chicken and fish. Today we will prepare these unique flavor cannelloni, made with whole wheat beet crepes, which are a fantastic combination! Also, you can prepare them with all kinds of crepes of your choice, or if it is your greatest preference, with pasta dough.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Making this recipe for whole wheat quinoa cannelloni is quite practical and simple. The ingredients used are few and often used, easy to find in any market.

About the filling:

The filling consists mainly of quinoa, and as the second main ingredient, tuna. To a lesser extent some vegetables, which mostly add flavor to this filling. These may be modified according to their preference or availability. So if you don’t like one, you can replace them at your preference.


Quinoa must be cooked previously before being used. And for this, just like rice or pasta, it is boiled. A process that takes just a few minutes since it is cooked quickly. Although before cooking you have to take into account certain observations that are important. And in this way, a good result will be obtained in terms of its flavor.

The first thing to do is read the instructions on its packaging, because depending on this, an extra step may or may not be done. At present, quinoa is prepackaged previously washed, a step that is carried out to release a natural substance that covers the grains called saponin.

Saponin and its consumption in large quantities can become toxic. And although it is unlikely to occur an intoxication by the consumption of this saponin in this food, which happens is that it provides a very bitter taste in its presence. So it would be somewhat unpleasant and unappetizing to eat.

Then, at the doubt, the quinoa must rinse very well, under the tap with the running water. It is not soaked, as this would make the quinoa absorb external saponin by concentrating inside. In another publication I will expand a little more about Quinoa’s cooking, giving some small tips to improve its flavor and texture.

About Cannelloni assembly:

The cannelloni assembly process is very simple, you just need to place a little filling on the crepes and roll up, adjusting a little so that it does not come apart. Assembled cannelloni are placed in a baking dish with the lock down. In this way they will be sealed during baking and do not disarm at the serving time.

To make these cannelloni, this whole wheat beet crepes recipe was used. For other crepes versions available, click here. For preparing with fresh pasta you can see the paste recipe options here. With the proportions of this recipe, a dozen large size cannelloni was obtained with a good amount of filling.

About cooking:

Even though the cannelloni are already cooked, which is usually done is gratin or heating in the oven before serving. Since its elaboration has two types of procedures, preparing crepes and making the filling. It is a meal that is not hard to do but it takes time. Preparing a part the day before, could alleviate the time of it a little.

The cannelloni are usually heated in the oven next to its sauce. It is convenient that the amount is enough and largely covers the cannelloni. In this way, the crepes being in contact with the sauce, do not dry and become crispy during baking. Usually, cheese is also placed above, thus achieving a more than exquisite gratin!

The sauce used in this opportunity is a Portobello white sauce. Which goes very well with these quinoa cannelloni with whole wheat beet crepes recipe. If you do not know how to prepare it and you are interested in how it is done, very soon you will be able to find it inLocos Por La Comida, recipes general website.

Quinoa Cannelloni With Whole Wheat Beet Crepes Recipe

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