Whole Wheat Chicken Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe

If you are thinking of making something delicious this weekend I leave you this idea to make some whole wheat chicken ricotta cannelloni with whole wheat spinach crepes. Totally delicious!

Cannelloni can be made with crepes or pasta dough. This recipe teaches how to make the filling, I leave the other to each one’s own decision. I leave the links at the end of this recipe.

This is a food that is very filling. The filling with chicken makes it very complete, I would even say that with one cannelloni per person it is fine.

Let’s talk a little about the preparation:

The recipe is easy enough to make. Although it is always recommended to make the filling or crepes a day before and not to do everything together the same day.

The part of the chicken that I used was breast fillet. Which I boiled with some garlic and an onion to give it a little flavor for about an hour. Then I let it cool and shredded it with my fingers.

Another way to do this is to process the raw chicken in a food processor, and then sauté the vegetables in the pan directly. You can also take advantage of the leftover chicken from a meal and recycle with this recipe.

The vegetables I named in the recipe are optional, some may vary depending on what you have at home is fine. If you don’t like a particular one, you can replace it or ignore it if you want.

In this recipe I used homemade ricotta. At home we try to eat as healthy as possible. So, products like cream cheese, white cheese, yogurt and ricotta that we could make at home without additives or preservatives, we always try to make them.

If you are interested I leave the recipe for homemade ricotta you can find it in my general page of Locos Por La Comida or in the link at the end of this recipe.

Another option if you don’t like ricotta is to replace it with white cheese or some other cheese of your choice.

The proportions of this recipe are enough to fill 12 large cannelloni and fillers. Quantity of pancakes or crepes can be made according to the recipe I left. This time I will only do in the filling, if you want to see the recipe for crepes you can do it by clicking here.

The sauce I used is filetto (tomato, onion, garlic, and grated carrot sauce). In abundance, since when taking to the oven it is good that the cannelloni are in contact with it so that they do not dry out or that the edges burn. You decide what type of sauce to use and the amount of it.

This is a meal that goes more than well for those types of large families or if in the week you do not have time to cook and you can have the separate portions ready to use in the freezer with just a few minutes in the microwave. So if you like to prepare the weekly menu during the weekend, write down this recipe.

Whole Wheat Chicken Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe

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