Whole Wheat Miguelitos Recipe. Easy and Homemade!

If you are looking for a whole sweet recipe, I leave you this great idea to make whole wheat miguelitos or milk breads also called. From Spanish origin, with puff pastry and filled with pastry cream. This Argentine version that we know here is different but equally delicious and filled with milk caramel!

As Argentinian, dulce de leche is one of the weaknesses that I have among others. One cannot resist! These miguelitos in whole wheat version are very delicious! It doesn’t really feel a big difference from all-purpose flour.

The miguelitos are originally filled with pastry cream. Which if you want to prepare and fill with it, there is no problem. If you are not in the mood to make it or you don’t like it, use milk caramel or the jam that you like best. To take into account, you should choose a jam with a very thick consistency.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This whole wheat miguelitos dough is very easy to make. Although the leavening times must be respected. If using dry yeast you think that it does not work or does not rise the same as fresh yeast, it may be that you are storing it in an inappropriate place. Or maybe you should try different brands to compare.

The buns come out very light as a result of fermentation. When they come out rough and heavy, it is because you are not letting them rise properly. This type of dough is a not very sweet, because then when filling it would be too cloying. That is the reason why the recipe contains little amount of sugar.

The ingredients are more than common and easily accessible in any store. It has options like orange zest, lemon zest, or both. Although it is always convenient to use whole grain, sometimes it is difficult to find muscovado or whole cane sugar. If so, use plain white sugar or another sweetener to taste.

When you are assembling the buns, keep in mind that each bun you make, give it the smoothest possible shape. Also, that the closure of the dough is positioned downwards (facing the tray). Because if not when baking and the product has its correct growth, it will open, and the buns will be deformed.

Making dough balls may be the easiest and fastest thing to do. Although there are other forms of miguelitos with an elongated shape. If you know the technique to make them come out like this or if it is easier or more beautiful to do, use the one you want the most. This time I made it as simple as possible so everyone is encouraged to prepare them.

Placing the dough balls on the baking sheet does not need to be too far apart from each other.. Actually, when baking, these should touch. And thus retain their moisture during baking. They should also be covered with a plastic kitchen wrap so they do not dry out while the leaving time.

About the baking it is very fast and takes very few minutes. I recommend not browning too much because whole wheat flours are not the same as all-purpose flours, and sometimes the more the bread is browned they will taste bitter. So keep an eye on your oven so this doesn’t happen. Once cold, they are separated by hand for their correct filling.

To fill these whole wheat miguelitos, you should barely make a downward-sloping cut and only halfway down (it doesn’t cut completely, the bread shouldn’t separate). With your fingers open the bread a little and fill it. It is recommended to use a pastry bag to do this. It is more practical, easier and aesthetically more attractive.

Finally, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired. Enjoy with that coffee or the traditional Argentine mates!

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Whole Wheat Miguelitos Recipe
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