Whole Wheat Pumpkin Crepes Recipe. A Way to Boost Nutrients!

Look what a good alternative I bring you today with these whole wheat pumpkin crepes recipe! Ideal for making those recipes that you like the most. It can be the result of both sweet and savory recipes. With all the flavor and beneficial properties of pumpkin. Without a doubt a recipe worth taking advantage of!

If you read me, you will know that I am fascinated by colors and different combinations. It’s fun for me and it also seems like an excellent idea to convince kids to eat vegetables. A mom has to figure it out and sometimes it is exhausting. But I think that the colors attract the attention thus managing to convince them.

I am receiving more and more messages with these types of concerns. Nowadays it is increasingly difficult for them to eat healthy and varied. Fortunately, there is already a lot of information and awareness of foods that although they are not low in calories, they do provide more nutrients than others. And by being replaced not only improves our nutrition but also the metabolism, achieving a healthier and more balanced life.

The pumpkin has the characteristic of having a natural sweet flavor and for this same reason it is used for both sweet and savory recipes. Like the sweet potato, you can even make jam with it. And in addition to providing a large number of benefits and properties for the body, best of all, it is low in calories!

I hope that with time I can fill with whole grain recipes of all colors! And in this way have different options and choose according to what you have in the fridge at that moment or simply to take advantage of those seasonal vegetables and fruits. So you not only eat fresh but also take advantage of the low prices of the moment!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This recipe is very easy and simple to make. In which the ingredients to use are the same as those used for any recipe for crepes or pancakes. With the only difference that this version also uses pumpkin. The proportions vary and are modified accordingly.

The way to use the pumpkin is by cooking it previously. And it can be done in different ways although it is always recommended to do it in a way that does not lose flavor or absorb more liquid than it has. Therefore, the best way would be baked or steamed. To my preference I cook it in the oven because its flavor is enhanced by losing most of its natural liquid.

A truth about any recipe that is made with vegetables is that the result will depend on how much flavor it has or how fresh that vegetable is. Therefore, if it is an old pumpkin, it can be a bit bitter or if it has little flavor, the crepes can be not very tasty. Also the color will be less or more intense depending on the type of pumpkin that is used to prepare this recipe.

Like any dough for pancakes or crepes, it is recommended that it rest at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Although preparing the dough the day before is much better so that the flour hydrates well and the result is even better.

Cooking is fast, usually a couple of minutes at low temperature. It is always recommended not to overcook so that the pancakes are soft and flexible. The edges simply peel off, flip and cook on the other side for a few more seconds.

Due to the incorporation of pumpkin in the recipe, the consistency of these whole pumpkin crepes is a little denser than the traditional ones. The classic cannelloni can be prepared using different types of fillings or using them for magnificent breakfasts!

Eating a little healthier and whole wheat should not be neither boring nor torture! Good wednesday!

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Crepes Recipe

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