A Monday to make an exquisite whole wheat lemon loaf for those afternoon mates, what do you think? A delicious recipe with all the aroma and flavor of lemon. In so simple to do that if you are not familiar with cooking you will be surprised with the result. Nothing can go wrong with this super easy recipe!

Today I wanted to put this recipe that would be a version 2 of the whole wheat lemon loaf cake. In which I relied on reducing its fat, sunflower oil. I did some tests to find out what would be the maximum point at which it can be reduced without losing that characteristic moisture of loaves (or approaching it).

If you use white sugar or common sugar you can reduce both the oil and the milk by about 25 ml each. When seeds are incorporated, you can reduce only the oil (they absorb more liquid). Nothing will happen if you do not modify these proportions even if white sugar is used. But I wanted to leave the data for those who do not consume a lot of fat for personal reasons.

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