Whole Wheat Lemon Cookies Recipe. Without Butter!

For an afternoon of tea, how about preparing these delicious, super light and delicious lemon cookies? A practical and simple recipe to make. With just a few ingredients you can prepare something homemade to share with family or friends.

On another occasion I left the recipe to make lemon cookies with butter, but there are those who cannot eat butter. Perhaps it is less caloric or economical to make lemon cookies but with oil. That is why I think it is a great idea to upload different versions of a recipe for those who do not know how to replace those ingredients or are not encouraged.

There are many ways to replace ingredients. These cookies you can use the oil that you like the most. I prefer sunflower oil because it is a neutral oil. Which will not invade the flavor of my final result. This is the decision of each one, but I want you to take into account that the flavor can be influenced by the type of oil you are going to use.

Lemon Cookies Without Butter

The good thing about these types of recipes is that with just a few ingredients you will get a large quantity of homemade cookies. This time they are lemon but totally replaceable. If you don’t like lemon you can use orange or tangerine and if you dare grapefruit, why not?

I have a real fascination in trying different combinations. I’m really curious to know how they taste. Sometimes it is something exquisite and others not so much. But just experimenting with a result makes me fall in love with cooking even more.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

The dough to make these whole wheat lemon without butter cookies recipe is very simple to make. Generally this type of dough is not kneaded, because if the gluten develops, they remain tough. Only the ingredients are mixed and integrated until the dough is homogeneous.

It is always preferable that the dough rests in the refrigerator before working with it. To make it easier to stretch and give them the shape you want (a dough that is relaxed and cold always works better). When working with it, avoid adding excess flour because the cookies will be hard. Refrigerate the dough a bit if it becomes difficult to roll it out again.

To stretch it, just sprinkle it enough so that it does not stick. Do not work next to the oven as the dough will heat up quickly and will be difficult to handle. You can choose the size of the cookies and the thickness. The amount that comes out will depend on it.

You can also use cookie cutters in different ways that children love. They always find them richer, they have that magic. And if it is difficult for you to change to the whole grain, this is a good way for you to be successful without tantrums.

To bake the cookies, keep an eye on your oven. At home I use a conventional oven, I have no option to heat from above, from below or both. It is an ordinary oven. If you have another type of oven, adjust the baking times according to what you have.

In my experience I believe that whole wheat doughs generally have a few minutes less cooking time than refined flours. I consider that they must be removed from the oven in time since if the base is toasted a little it gives them a bitter taste. So it barely starts to brown the edges of the cookies, remove them from the oven.

I made some medium sized cookies and it came out 23. I clarify that I did not make them too thick or too thin. You decide how you would like them in size and thickness. And do not forget to store them in an airtight container so that they do not absorb moisture from the environment and have a bad taste.

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