Whole Wheat Spinach Swiss Roll Recipe

Easy, Light, Nutritious and Delicious!

Add this recipe for whole spinach swiss roll to your recipe book and make light, nutritious and delicious swiss roll! An ideal salty swiss roll to complement flavor and nutrients. For summer lunches and dinners also when the little ones have a hard time eating vegetables!

The heat is coming and you don’t really want to eat heavy meals. So I bring you this new recipe, an whole wheat spinach swiss roll to make the most incredible swiss rolls you have ever tasted! Fill it with your favorite ingredients and make this swiss roll something exquisite!

This Swiss roll is ideal to get a little out of the classic, a great idea complemented all the flavor and nutrients of spinach. And it is also very simple to prepare, it uses few ingredients and the best of all is that you can do it in your own home, free of additives and preservatives!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This recipe is very simple to make, the ingredients are simple and easily accessible in any store. It is a recipe that does not carry any complications at all. The only thing to keep in mind is that it takes quite a bit of beating to get a ribbon stage. Therefore, if you have a hand mixer or stand mixer, it will be very useful!

What is the ribbon stage? After beating the eggs with the sugar at maximum speed, between 10-15 minutes it becomes clearer and thicker. And when you lift the mixer, the part of the mixture that falls remains in a complete form, it does not disappear or disintegrate with the rest. It remains on the surface of the rest of the preparation, forming like a ribbon.

One feature to differentiate from this recipe is the star ingredient, spinach. Which does not need any previous cooking. Although, if it is to your liking to cook it or you have left from a previous meal, it can be used anyway. But as a fact, using raw spinach ensures that it keeps all the ingredients and its flavor intact.

The way to use spinach is pureed, and you can do it with a blender or processing machine. This procedure costs a bit, so adding a little water makes the machine work better, facilitating this process. Its integration is done after obtaining the ribbon stage, at minimum speed.

Once the preparation is ready, it is very important to integrate the flour with enveloping movements. It is done in this way to prevent the consistency of the beat from falling. So remember not to mix roughly and do the envolvent movements delicately and smoothly.

About cooking:

When it comes to baking swiss rolls, the common problem is that they stick a lot. Therefore, you should always use parchment paper and also spread it previously with butter or oil (don’t forget to do this to avoid future headaches). The baking sheet used in this recipe measures 30 x 40 centimeters / 11.81 x 15.74 inches.

When the preparation is placed on the baking sheet, spread with a spatula and leave as even as possible. Avoid hitting the mold with the preparation on the table, as it may lower the beat, ruining the preparation and its result is not as expected.

Whole Wheat Spinach Swiss Roll Recipe

Its cooking was carried out in a common home oven, and it is done at high temperature. If you have a convector oven, use both heat options (up and down) on low. Adapt the baking of this recipe according to the oven you have at home. The cooking time is similar in both cases.

Another difficulty that can arise is exceeding the baking time. So keep an eye on the oven and be vigilant. Because if you bake longer, you will get a hard and brittle Swiss roll, it will not be able to bend into its classic shape.

About the filling:

The filling is left to the imagination and taste of each one. This time I used brown rice with homemade mayonnaise, seasoned to taste before using. Also, I used grated carrots that add a touch of flavor and freshness.

Other ideas to use in this whole wheat spinach swiss roll are: chicken, minced meat, tuna, tomato, lettuce, quinoa, burgol, etc. What you want to use is going to be very, very good! That eating healthy and whole wheat is not boring or torture, go for it!

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