Whole Wheat Apple Loaf Cake Recipe. Easy Peasy!!!

One step away from the weekend I leave you this whole wheat apple loaf cake recipe. And you can enjoy something delicious and whole wheat! A loaf with all the flavor and moisture provided by apples. An easy breakfast or snack to prepare. Surprise yourself with this sweet whole grain recipe!

Generally, loaves are preferred by most because they are easy to make and uncomplicated. Being the preferred recipe for those who don’t cook much and still obtain satisfactory results. When you do not have any experience in cooking, this type of recipe is the ideal one to start!

If you are a follower of my page you will know that little by little I am uploading new recipes, with new ingredients and different types of combinations. A wide variety to satisfy the tastes of each one or adapt the recipes to the ingredients that are available at home. Recipes with different fruits and vegetables, with or without sugar, with or without butter. These are some of the examples of recipes that you can find on my pages.

Whole Wheat Apple Loaf Cake Recipe

Integralisimo is an exclusive site dedicated to whole grain recipes. Although you can find my website of general recipes Locos Por La Comida where are all the recipes of Locos Por Los Dulces (only sweet recipes website) and Veganisimos (only vegan recipes website). Which soon I will fill with new recipes and I will update.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This whole wheat apple loaf cake recipe can be made with either red or green apples or a little of each. It is a totally adjustable recipe to what you have at home. Also, if you don’t have enough apples but you have pears, you can use them too. The combination is more than great! Prepare this recipe as you like!

Apples can be used in different ways to prepare this whole wheat loaf. This time I grated the apples but you can use them cut into pieces or make a puree with them. It is really indistinct how you use them, it will only change the appearance. If the apples are used in pieces, when cutting the loaf cake, the pieces of fruit will be noticeable.

To prepare this recipe you do not need large kitchen utensils and this time you can put aside your electric mixer for a moment. It can be prepared in a bowl or any other container available since it is not necessary to knead or beat. Only the ingredients are mixed until they combine, it really is a preparation that does not require any effort.

With these proportions you get a large family type loaf cake. And for this I used a 30 cm long loaf mold, it could also be used in a 24 cm long one. When you do not have a mold of this size, you can divide the proportions of the recipe. You can also prepare two smaller loaf cake.

Like any recipe and being even more of the whole wheat type, I always recommend being as exact as possible with the baking time. Because if you overcook this type of recipe it will dry out or have a bitter taste. So be punctual, keep an eye on the oven to obtain a good result and thus be able to enjoy a moist loaf with all the flavor of the fruit.

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