There are several ways to make apple pies. Today I wanted to make one of the classic styles of pie or apple pie with whole wheat flour. Ideal for rainy afternoons like this.

I made this recipe thinking of my neighbors, small organic export producers of apples (one of the few that remain and that are going through very difficult times in our country right now), they gave me a box full of super delicious apples! I had no more excuses to prepare this whole wheat pie recipe and take them a piece as a thank you way!

Let’s talk about the recipe. I made this whole wheat pie exclusively and purely from apples. If you do not have many at home or you do not like apples completely and you have pears or green apples, for example, it can be combined between fruits. Anyway, it comes out delicious anyway!

Whole Wheat Apple Pie Recipe

This opportunity, I wanted the apples to be seen in slices when cutting the cake. If you are used to cooking apples beforehand or you like them better the other way, there is no problem. Another day I will leave the other style of pie in case you are interested.

The dough is from the shortcrust pastry family, what does it mean? It is a pastry that does not need to be kneaded. As a result you want a dough that breaks, melts in your mouth, that’s why it is called like that. If we knead this dough, the gluten develops, and that gives it elasticity, and in this recipe it is not n

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Julieta -

Me encanta tu página! Amo lo intrgral y todas las recetas que compartís. Te felicito!
Se podrá cambiar el azucar blanco por el azúcar integral en la receta de la masa?

Integralisimo -

Hola Julieta! Si claro que si! yo a veces uso azúcar común porque me quedo sin azúcar integral. Lo ideal es siempre utilizar la integral pero bueno a veces no se puede! Me alegra muchísimo que te gusten mis recetas! Un abrazo!


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