Whole Wheat Chicken Fajitas Recipe. Irresistible!

This Sunday I took a few minutes to write this recipe at the request of an Instagram follower who asked me for some filling idea to make. So today I leave you the recipe that I used to take the photo that I published.

There are plenty of filler ideas. That’s the good thing about this type of food, very versatile. A great idea to get together with friends and family, prepare different side dishes and assemble the fajita in the way you like best (there is never a shortage of those who don’t like this or that), and with this recipe you’re free.

Flour tortillas are not the exquisite of burritos, tacos or fajitas themselves. Here what gives it that special flavor is the set, that is, the filling plus the tortilla, garnishes and sauce. So the base filling you make has to be very tasty. If it is tasteless it will not be very delicious and pleasant to eat.

In addition to the filling and the different accompaniments or garnishes, you can prepare a sauce with or without spice that will give a special plus to this famous and exquisite food (another day I leave a recipe this time I did not make it). And if you like avocado, don’t forget to make a delicious guacamole!

On this simple preparation I used chicken. For this I boiled the chicken in water for an hour with a little salt, an onion and two cloves of garlic to give it flavor. And the broth that remained I added some vegetables and turned it into soup (nothing is wasted). Once the chicken was cold I minced it with my fingers.

I also made a garnish of some sautéed black beans. They are delicious (they are also great for a cold salad). The beans must be left in water the night before and then boil until soft.

Other things I added were diced tomatoes, clean, dry lettuce to give it that refreshing touch of flavor. You do not need to season as these are added without anything (it is not salad).

This preparation was enough for the total of whole flour tortillas that were made with this recipe. If what you want is to do more or less, you will have to adjust these proportions accordingly. Or if you are going to prepare more variety of garnishes, you may not need as much filling (this is up to you).

Little by little I will upload more recipe so I hope you have patience because it takes time (although you do not believe it).

Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Write a comment at the end of this recipe 👇

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Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas Recipe
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