Whole Wheat Apple Pear Loaf Recipe. Sugar-Free!

I present this whole wheat pear and apple loaf for those who for different reasons cannot consume sugar or simply prefer to remove it from their daily diet. You will see how easy and simple it is to prepare a whole wheat loaf sugar-free!

Hello beautiful people, how are you today? I hope the quarantine isn’t treating them so badly. I tell you that I have been very busy lately but do not think that I forget about you! I am trying my best to leave you new recipes that you love so much. Here the afternoon is very ugly, it rains and it is cold. It is one of those days to cook something sweet and delicious.

Because I listen to everything you tell me or propose today, I wanted to leave you this recipe to make a fruit loaf but sugar-free. Since many for different reasons need to replace the sugar in the recipes and do not know how.

The equivalence is very easy to remember, since 10 grams (0.35 oz) of sugar would equal 1 gram (0.04 oz) of powdered sweetener. I leave you a table with some proportions depending on the type of sweetener you use and want to substitute according to it.

3.53 OZ0.35 OZ
0,8 ml
0.39 OZ
0,9 ML
Values equivalent to 3.53 oz (100 grams) of granulated white sugar * approximate

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Like any other loaf recipe, it is very easy to make and that is why they are so successful and preferred by everyone when deciding what type of recipe to make. Because in addition to being simple and quick to do, it does not have complications for its preparation nor does it involve so much effort. You can do all the preparation using just one container.

To prepare this whole wheat loaf, this time I chose pears and apples which I made a puree (you can also grate). But if you only have one of them or you don’t like the combination, you can choose to do it exclusively with apples or pears according to your preference. Although I must say that the combination makes a magnificent flavor and even more so if the fruits are tasty.

With these proportions I used a 24-centimeter (0.39 in) loaf mold which I buttered and floured before pouring the preparation into it. If you don’t have a loaf mold, you can use any you have at home. Regarding the cooking time, as always, I emphasize and advise that it should be punctual so as not to result in a dry loaf, so be aware.

It is a very moist loaf made from pears and apples and very light. The absence of whole cane sugar feels a bit if you are used to it as it has a very particular flavor. But it is still a very rich loaf even more if you cannot use sugar or eliminate it from your daily diet.

I hope you like this whole wheat apple pear loaf recipe as much as I do!

Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Write me a comment at the end of this recipe 👇

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Whole Wheat Apple Pear Loaf Recipe

Whole Wheat Apple Pear Loaf Recipe. Sugar-Free!

Integralisimo I present this whole wheat pear and apple loaf for those who for different reasons cannot consume sugar or simply prefer to remove it from their daily diet. You will see how easy and simple it is to prepare a whole wheat loaf sugar-free!… Sweet Loaf loaf, whole wheat loaf, whole wheat loaf sugar-free, loaf sugar-free, sugar-free recipes, loaf recipes, whole wheat loaf recipes, apple loaf, pear loaf, whole wheat apple loaf, whole wheat pear loaf, sweet sugar-free recipes, sugar-free, recipes, whole grain recipes, sweet whole grain recipes, apple, pear, recipes with apple, recipes with pear, breakfasts, snacks European Print This
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  • Apple and Pear Puree 500 g / 17.64 oz
  • Eggs 3
  • Whole wheat flour 350 g / 12,35 oz / 2,91 cup
  • Baking powder 15 g / 0.53 oz / 3 tsp
  • Powdered sweetener 20 g / 0.71 oz / 24 sachets
  • Sunflower oil 75 ml / 5 tbsp
  • Milk 75 ml / 5 tbsp
  • Optional: cinnamon, lemon zest, orange zest


  1. Puree peeled apples and pears, pit removed. Add powdered sweetener. Stir.
  2. Add the eggs. Mix
  3. Add the milk and sunflower oil. Mix
  4. Add the whole wheat flour together with the baking powder little by little. Mix until integrated without beating.
  5. Pour the preparation into a 24-centimeter loaf mold previously buttered (I use No-Stick Butter Flavor Cooking Spray) and floured.
  6. Bake at 356 ° F for 30-40 minutes or until toothpick inserted and comes out dry. Unmold once cold.


  • Consume preferably before 3 days
  • Can be frozen (3 months)
  • If you grate the fruits add lemon juice and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then remove the excess juice by squeezing the fruit a little.
  • Due to the removal of excess liquid from the grated fruit, adjust the measurements of the recipe ingredients (ask me for the recipe if you need it)
  • If you decide to add cinnamon, do it with the solid ingredients.
  • If necessary, sift dry ingredients before incorporating

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