Whole Wheat Orange Sponge Cake Recipe

This week I suggest you make this whole wheat orange sponge cake recipe. A simple recipe that you can make in simple steps, few ingredients and without complications. With which you will obtain an exquisite sponge cake, well flavored and fluffy!

This is a recipe that can be used as the base of any filled cake, also to consume without filling. Ideal for breakfasts, night tea and desserts. This cake recipe does not fail and can be flavored according to convenience or preference.

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

This whole wheat orange sponge cake recipe, like any other, is based on eggs, sugar and flour. In addition, it does not contain baking powder or any leavening agent. Therefore, the fluffiness and volume are the result of the beating of the eggs together with the sugar. A mixture that is beaten until the ribbon stage is obtained.

Ribbon stage is achieved by constant beating at high speed. It is a state that is not achieved instantly and so you must have a little patience. For this reason, having a hand mixer, stand mixer or mixer machine would be ideal for making this recipe.

Another of the secrets of its fluffiness is the way to integrate whole wheat flour into the mixture. Step that must be done in batches, in the form of rain, with soft and enveloping movements using a spatula. And thus get that airy and spongy appearance

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