Whole Wheat Vegetable Lasagna Recipe. A Vegetarian Meal in Pure Color!

We are in a cold season in which our body asks for this type of elaborate, homemade, rich and yielding food. So today I leave you this recipe for this delicious whole wheat vegetable lasagna. Made with seasonal vegetables to take advantage of the prices of the moment especially when you have a large family.

One of the things I like most about this type of recipes is that you can modify them according to taste or what you want to spend on it preparation.

It is a really versatile recipe, because in addition to the filling, you can also choose the type of sauce that you want to use. Among the options, a sauce without meat to a bolognese or with the type of meat you have (chicken, beef, pork, sausages, etc.), between a pink mix to an exclusively white one that you can add from mushrooms to legumes.

Whole Wheat Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

This whole wheat vegetable lasagna was made with pumpkin, squash, and carrots. Although these vegetables can be exchanged for the ones you like the most without any problem. The ingredients of the filling can be based on personal taste. It does not need to be as is this recipe.

As for the pasta to use, it is whole wheat. Which was prepared in the processor because it is easy, fast and without much effort. And to stretch a pasta machine, but you can use a rolling pin without any problem. Although, if you are going to make pasta

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