Flavored Whole Wheat Breadsticks Recipe. Simply Addictive!

This week I suggest you make these exquisite whole wheat breadsticks recipe! A simple recipe, quick to make and that you can flavor according to your preference. Make them at home, easily, with very few ingredients and to your own taste! You will see how easy and how incredible they are in their whole grain version! Cheer up!

From Italian origin, the breadsticks are characterized by being a thin and elongated crusty bread. Which can be made in different flavors such as parsley, oregano, cheese, onion, etc. Their length and shape can vary depending on how they are prepared, and they can be stick or cane shaped. Also its thickness can vary.

Today I leave the two ways to make these whole wheat breadsticks and you can make with this dough, the most spectacular breadsticks you have ever tasted!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe:

Although this whole wheat breadsticks recipe is simple to make, I leave some useful information that may be interesting when preparing them.

The dough to make these breadsticks is simple, it does not require much effort to make it and it does not require that much time. The ingredients are simple like any bread recipe that is made. Although the flavor may vary depending on the type of seasoning used. The fat used in this recipe is olive oil, alt

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